Monday, February 9, 2015

Summer 2014

 I went to Utah to Visit brittany! It was so fun! I got to go Clara's baby blessing in ID.

We stayed with our old friend Morty and his adorable family. He was an amazing Host! 

We ate tons of good food!

We got a Mac Makeover

Did tons of shopping!


When I got back we got to go to Isla's baby blessing So sweet!

Last day of school!

Knox has been sucking his thumb since he was 2 I bought him this thum stuff it didn't work but he decided to stop on his own for about 6 months. Then he started up again. Not sure how to make him quit for good.

Hallie's new swimsuit

Hallie made this cute monster

we went camping on the beach. I was very nervous about it, but it ended up being so fun!!

Owen lost his first tooth!

And got a cool haircut

we went blueberry pickin'


This is why we have a king sized bed!

swimming with friends

house makeover

4th of July! My parents came down so fun!

my dad's homemade bathroom bag, totally cracks me up


celebrated Owen's Birthday!

Dressed up like cows to get free chic fil a

Back to school shopping!

Knox dressed himself

Hallie laid out her clothes for the first day of school

Knox got a haircut

First day of 3rd grade and 2nd grade!

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Dana Scarbrough said...

I love your rug and your dad's bag! hahaha