Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catelynn is getting married!!

In April, we went to Cookeville for Catelynn's bridal shower. Yup! Chad's baby sister is getting married on June 21st! Here are a few pics of the trip!

Hannah, Chase's gf, with Hallie.

Heather, Charles' Wife, with Knox
Hallie got to wear the toilet paper wedding dress.

Catelynn and her fiance Mikey
Congrats Cate!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, I was in Utah for Easter and missed out on all the Easter festivities with my kids. Major lack of looking at the calendar on my part. BUT..I was able to take my kids to a friends house for an Easter Egg Hunt. They have a lovely home and a beautiful yard, my kids had a blast! These are the only Easter pictures I got of my kids!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Forgotten Photos

One night I didn't have a dessert made for Family Home Evening so I threw together some "Apple Nachos" There was peanut butter, marshmallow sauce, m&m's and raisins. My kids gobbled them up. The thing I love about these is that anything goes, I've seen people use crushed up oreos, peanuts, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce etc.. And it's kinda healthy :0)

My Cute Knox

At Ikea!

My Cute niece Kayleen, I love her to death!

Everybody! Jump on Daddy! Haha..I love this picture! Chad's face cracks me up! 

Chad has 2 more semesters until he finishes his Masters! I'm so excited for him! He has been very diligent and studies in his spare time. He has a 4.0 and I couldn't be prouder of him!
We had lunch with some friends of ours! Our kid's love these kids, they are always wanting to play with each other! We're so grateful for friends!

Owen Started Tball at the beginning of February I think! He Loves, Loves, Loves it! He has improved so much since the beginning! 

I found these pictures of Hannah on my phone, I just don't think she can help herself! Lol

Monday, May 7, 2012

For Chad's Birthday I made him some Bang Bang Shrimp, some Spicy Thai Noodles and some Korean Egg Rolls. Do you want my critique on these recipes?  Yes? Okay. The noodles: I liked the texture, but I think the recipe called for too much sesame oil, next time I will not use nearly as much and I might add some peanut butter to give it a more authentic thai taste. The shrimp was good...the next day. We weren't a big fan, I loved them before the sauce, so I think I need to come up with a different sauce to cover it in. 

Chad wanted a Ding Dong (like the cupcake) Cake. "How unusual." I thought to myself as I looked up recipes for that type of cake, come to find out there's tons. I made him one and it actually tasted pretty close to a ding dong. 

The next day I was making kids lunch after church and walked into the dining room to find this little guy sitting in the cake, in his church clothes. hahaha I guess he liked it as well.

(sorry about the messes in the background, chad had started his garden around that time. I promise we weren't growing any illegal plants)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All We Need is Love

 The night before Valentine's Day we made Valentines for the kid's Teachers. They had so much fun!!

I totally wasn't able to get to the store in time to make their cute valentines lunches like I wanted to, so I improvised, they still loved them!

My babies on all dressed up for Valentines Day! Hallie looks so old, it makes me soo sad!

Checking out their Goodies from their school V-Day Parties!

Our V-Day Dinner!!

Chicken Florentine, Cheesey Garlic Rolls and Artichoke


Hallie put this on our table as decoration

VDay Treats!!