Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hannah and Hunter's Graduation, Hallie's Lemonade Stand, 4th of July, Owen's 6th Birthday Party

I've been to every one of my sibling's graduations! The only one that is left is Leah! Here is Hunter and Hannah's graduation from May 2013!

Last day of 1st and Kindergarten!

Hallie made herself a lemonade stand! 

Best friends!!

4th of July we spent the day indoors due to rain! :( It was fun though! We had a few people over!

Owen's 6th birthday! My Parents, Britt's family and Leah came over and we had a partay!

Sommers' Grandchildren Photo Shoot

My Birthday!

My 30th birthday Chad decided to throw me a surprise birthday Party! Seriously!! My friend from Columbus came down to take me out for dinner and to get my nails done, Chad called and said Knox had hurt his leg and needed to go to the hospital. So we went home and SURPRISE!! It was a black and white theme! Everyone wore black and white and all the food was "black and white" even the kids were wearing black and white! How cute was that? Chad came up with it all by himself and i'm so proud of him. I had a blast!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I joined Influenster and got a box full of goodies to review! Ivory Soap, Avon Anew reversalist, Free coupon for Bryer's Gelato, Shell Rewards cards, Neosporin to-go, and puffs tissues. All I have to do is review them! Let me know if you'd like a free invite! Just leave me your email!