Thursday, November 3, 2016

We moved to North Dakota!?!!! A lot has changed. A lot! So a few months ago we FINALLY, FINALLY..bought a house. We had been living in this tiny, ancient home for 3 years. $625/month, 3 bed 1 bath house. I had a love hate relationship with that house. Rent was cheap and it had a lot of charm, the lot was huge and private and in an ideal location. The bedrooms were tiny it was NOT updated and there was not enough room. I found myself dreaming of moving every day. I was so sick of not having a place for everything, for order, for a place of our own. I'm not sure what happened...we started looking. We got accepted for a loan, everything fell into place. There were only a handful of homes on the market in our price range, so when the house we bought came on the market, I looked at it the next day, LOVED it, but Chad was out of town. Our realtor told us it wouldn't last and that we had to jump, but we couldn't buy a house that Chad hadn't seen. And he was right, an offer was accepted 2 days later. Then a few weeks later I noticed it had come back on the market. We went and looked at it, Chad really liked it, we made an offer and they accepted a few hours later.

When we moved in, it was AMAZING! I loved having a place for everything, I started decorating and planning, we were going to fix it up and sell it for a higher price one day. We had dreams of tearing down walls and making a huge open den/kitchen. In fact, we were planning on going to home depot and buying brand new cupboards when our house was broken into. They stole our Disney fund and our cupboard money (Chad had just been paid a few thousand dollars for a lifeguard class) and several other of our valuables. Annoying robbers. But that's a story for another day.  So because of that financial set back we didn't start renovations right away. Which looking back, that was kind of a blessing in disguise.

So one day Chad tells me he was going to apply for a job in North Dakota. HAHAHAHAHAH. Okay....I said...ya right. Like we would ever live in NORTH DAKOTA. Whatever. But the pay is good he would be a great opportunity he says. Never in a million years I thought.

Chad had not been happy in his job, he didn't mind the work itself, but the people he worked with were difficult. I knew he wasn't happy but he was trying to get his PHD and was planning on staying in AUburn until it was finished. I wanted to stay in Auburn for the rest of our lives. I LOOOOVED it there. I felt at home. Later Chad told me that his friend had sent him the link to the job and he had said no way, he could never live in the cold. Then he had a really bad day at work. He prayed and begged God to help him find a new job. God said, "But I already sent you a job." Chad knew he had to apply.

A few weeks later he gets a phone call saying they wanted to do a skype interview. What?? This is happening. okay...the interview went well. They called him and asked for an in person interview. He flies out, they are impressed. A few days later they offer him the job. I was in shock. IN SHOCK. This was a huge opportunity for him..Huge. The pay was twice what we were making in AUburn. I cried.

So West Fargo bought the Olympic trials pool from Omaha, Nebraska. They had it transferred here and they are building a facility around it. Chad will be director over that facility. He will be in charge of coming up with new programs, planning swim meets, swimming championships, fundraising etc. This job will open so many more doors for him. We couldn't pass it up.

So here we are. In North in a tiny apartment until our house sells. Crazy right?

P.S. I am somewhat depressed and lonely I'm going to start blogging again. I need an outlet.