Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fall activities & Halloween!

We went to a church fall fun fest. Hallie tried out the donut eating contest, she one 1st place!!

Knox loves the caramel on his carameled apple!

And my favorite part of the day, Homemade root beer! YUM!


The Auburn Public Library had a Halloween party! 

Hallie Dressed up as Bell for Halloween!

Every year I spend so much time on costumes! This year I decided to go simple! For darth VVader I went to Good Will and bought black pants, shirt and shoes for $4 and then I made his belt out of cardboard and black duct tape, I made the chest piece out of a plastic container lid and puff paint, and the shoulder thingy? I used cardboard boxes and silver duct tape. Then I just bought him the mask at target for $10, we already had the knee pads on hand. Hallie's outfit I borrowed the leotard and made the tutu and she already had the panty hose, ballet shoes and the leg warmers. Knox just wore Owen's old pluto Costume, Everyone kept calling him a pumpkin all night. 

We went trick or treating with our good friends the Schroeders. Before hand we ate dinner at their house. Meghan made the cutest Halloween dinner!! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Day of School, Knox, Friends & Forts, Court of Honor & Baby Blessing, Auburn Game, Brittany's Visit, Harry Potter

Back to School! First day of Kindergarten for Owen and First day of 1st grade for Hallie!

There will be lots of pictures of Knox to make up for all the missed posts!

Friends and Forts

We made a fort using a box fan and a duvet!

They loved it!

We went to TN in September for Hunter's Eagle Court of Honor and for my new nephew Rocky's Blessing! 

Photo by Autumn Lynn Photography

Legrand is not in this picture, he had to work, but all my brothers got their Eagles!

Hallie loves babies! Especially KK!

And Rocky!!

Rocky on his Blessing day! Ashleigh, Paige's sister, took this picture.


Rest Area 

Heather & Charles (Chad's brother) came to visit us one weekend in September. We were invited to tailgate with Chad's coworkers! I've never tailgated before but we had so much fun. They had a big shrimp boil. Afterwards we went to our first Auburn Football game against LSU! It was a great game, even though they lost. Probably the best game they played all season.

In October Brittany came to visit!

We went to a Equestrian Meet and the kids got to ride the horses!

There was a booth set up for the kids to color and make crafts. Owen was at the coloring table for while. Even after they shut it down. I went looking for him and found him in the middle of all these boys signing in for work. 

He worked hard on his picture.

Bath Time!

Britt and I went to dinner, walked around downtown Auburn where a ton of cute boutiques are and then we went to GiGi's cupcakes. So yummy!

My parents came down a few days after britt got there. We went to CheeburgerCheeburger for lunch. It's a really yummy hamburger place downtown they have over 50 toppings to choose from for your hamburger at no extra charge including, peanut butter, sour cream and sundried tomatoes to name a few. 

Connor kept screaming so my dad picked him up, high chair and all and took him outside and sat with him until he calmed down. The whole restaurant was laughing. 

When we got there, my dad had parked at a bank, I warned him he would get towed but he said he'd be fine. While we were eating, Leah yelled, "Daddy you're getting towed!" He ran out the door, across the street and jumped into his van so the guy wouldn't tow him. The guy told him he had to charge him $100 daddy talked him down to $50 hahaha.

Swimming at the hotel pool!

Hallie & Owen were invited to a Harry Potter dress up party!  I wasn't about to go out and buy anything new for it, so we used what we had! Someone had given us some blazers for Owen that are still too big, we added a collared shirt and a tie. B/c I had Lasik this past summer (did I blog about that?) I have no use for my old glasses so we popped the lenses out and used those. They used chopsticks as their wands. 

These next few were taken at the party by Kim Hirt

Auburn has a lot of community events for small children. I love it. They had an art show at the museum here and there were tons of fun activities! I wish I would've taken more pictures!

More of my cute Knox. He's a stinker.

wooh. that was long.