Friday, July 20, 2012

Auburn? What?

Our family is going through some changes again! This change just kind of fell into our laps, and I feel soo blessed by Heavenly Father!

About 2 months ago, Chad just randomly and curiously looked on It's a website that lists pool jobs available in the U.S. He saw a job opening at Auburn University for an Aquatics Director. He read the description and every single thing listed was exactly what he was doing at his current job and it was a pretty significant pay raise. He told me about it and of course, I was really nervous about him applying. I didn't want him to burn any bridges at his current job. Which he absolutely loves, by the way. We prayed about it and decided to apply.

About two weeks later he got a call asking for an interview. Of course we were thrilled, we even went out and bought him a new suit. He went to the interview and they told him that they only wanted the best in the nation working for them and out of the 200 applicants they felt he was definitely considered one of the best in the nation. At one point, the interviewer was asking him questions and looking at his resume. She set her papers down, looked and Chad and said, "Chad, it was like we wrote this job description for you! What is your number? What would it take for us to get you to come to Auburn and work for us?" When he told me that, I was sure he would get the job. They still had 2 other people to interview, so we were nervous that they might like the other two candidates better. A few weeks later, we got the call, he got the job!!

So we are moving to Auburn, AL. I never thought I'd live in AL. It seems so surreal to me.

Remember a few years ago, when we were going through such a hard time with Chad not finding a job. I remember many nights praying to God asking, begging him to tell me why we were going through this. I feel like we received that answer. If Chad hadn't gotten the job at Columbus State University, he wouldn't have been qualified for the job at Auburn. Everything he was able to list on his resume was from working there. It was like he was preparing Chad for this job.

We found a house that we really like in Auburn. We went ahead and got it, but we are hoping our house here in Columbus will rent quickly. Please pray that it does, otherwise we will be paying for two rental homes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

April Utah Trip

So this past April I went to visit Brittany in Utah! I had sooo much fun! I'm so upset because somehow all the pictures on my phone disappeared and I had a ton on there to post. Anyone know how to recover a memory card? So depressing.

I should have posted about this trip right after it happened, I can't remember everything we did! A lot of shopping that's for sure, I remember one day we shopped for 9 hours. Loved that day.

One night we ate at Bruges Waffles and Frites..

It was featured on Man Vs. Food. Oh my Heavens..Amazing food..

Cute Nephews!

Me and My Sissy

The Machine gun..A baguette, lamp sausage, twice fried Frites and their special sauce..I could only eat half, So good though!

This was my favorite part, belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and home made creme fraiche...seriously if you're in SLC you have to try this..I've never tasted anything like it! It melted in my mouth. 

Sorry a lot of these posts will probably be about food. 

After Dinner we went to the Beautiful, New City Creek Mall in Downtown SLC. Gorgeous! 

About to eat at Ramonos

I was able to meet up with an old roommate from BYU-I, Tanya! So fun to hang out with her again

Crazy Cameron

Easter Morning the boys had to search for their baskets!

Brittany got me one too! She's the best!!

My cute nephews all dressed up for Easter sunday

For dinner we went to Cameron's brother's house. He made Korean food and it was AMAZING!!

Mason fell out of his chair right when I took the picture..poor guy...

Easter Egg hunt!!

I love how Cade and Connor are both looking in their bags instead of at the camera..I would probably be doing the same thing.

We were able to be in The Good Things Utah audience one day and a Winner from CupCake wars was on the show. Brittany knew a guy that was an intern there and he snuck us a yummy cupcake, we decided to go to her Cupcake store later that day. It was soo good! If we bought one of the cupcakes she won with we got 24 cake bites for free. 

Can't get this one to turn around for some reason..

Red Velvet Cake Bite..Yum

Brittany has an Etsy shop and sells ties, pillow covers, earrings etc..she helped me to make these ties! She's the best!

I got a haircut by Brittany's friend Annie. She did a great job!  

More food PIcs:
I got to eat at In-And-Out for the first time!! Yum!

Britt and I also found a little hole in the wall mexican restaurant and I got the Carne Asada Tacoes..Yum!

And of course we ate at Cafe Rio!

I got a lot of new clothes while I was there, the pics were on my phone. I wanted to show you some of the places I shopped at. Anyways, thanks Britt for such a fun time! Love you!