Monday, September 24, 2012

Easter Pics!

If anyone wants to take these and edit them, that would be great ;) j/k..unless you really want to...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Owen & Tayscen's 5th Birthday Party!

So as you know, Owen and Tayscen have been inseparable ever since they met last summer. They were in the same Pre-K class at school and the same Primary class at church. Their birthday's are only a few weeks apart so Tayscen's mom and I got together and decided to throw them a joint star wars Birthday Party! We had so much fun planning it and it ended up being so cute and so fun!

Here's the invite, which looks awfully bright on the computer!

Meghan made all of the guests a Jedi Robe and I made the Princess Leia headbands and we made everyone light sabers out of pool noodles!

Jedi Refueling Station

They found a worm!

This was the Jedi Training class that Chad taught, they had to try to keep the balloon from hitting the ground using their light sabers

Here is the Jedi Training Obstacle Course

We printed off a poster of Owen and Tayscen at Sam's for $4 and played pin the lightsaber on the Jedis
Death Star PInata

Birthday Cake!

At the end of the training Darth Vader came out and all the Jedi Warriors had to defeat him.

Opening Presents!

Happy Birthday Owen and Tayscen!!!!!! Best Party Ever!!