Monday, March 25, 2013

Knox's 2nd Birthday!

For some reason I didn't take pictures of him opening his presents!

Hallie's 7th Birthday!!!

We had the Elf on the Shelf ready for Hallie the morning of her Birthday he made her some sprinkle pancakes, and a birthday card and brought her a balloon. He even made some mini pancakes for himself!

 We took her out of school to McDonalds for lunch. She was so excited!

I made her a Chocolate cake and we sang happy Birthday.

She wanted an American Doll for her birthday, we told her she could choose between a doll and a big birthday party. She picked a doll. Her grandparents pitched in and she got 3 outfits as well. She chose Caroline. So cute! 

Misc November 2012

Hallie's friend Braylei was a butterfly in the nutcracker so we went to see her, it was so fun!

At thanksgiving we went to Opryland hotel with cousins, they had the cutest area for kids all for free.

This was when we had our family pictures taken.