Monday, May 27, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chattanooga Trip, Valentine's Day and Chad's 30th!

In February, we went to Chattanooga for my cousin, Robby's daughter's baby blessing. My Mom got us a hotel room. We had a blast!!

I cannot believe Freddie is a grandfather!

Valentine's Day!!

In March we celebrated Chad's birthday! I made him pecan pie cake! It was seriously the hardest cake I've ever made! It was fun though! And he loved it! I also brought him a balloon bouquet at his work!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance!! Feb 2013

They have a Daddy/Daughter dance here in Auburn every year. When I saw how much the tickets were, $30/couple, I was so excited to get tickets for Hallie and Chad. We told hallie about it, and I went and bought the tickets. She was so excited. We decided to make it a surprise. We told her the tickets were sold out, she was so upset, so we told her she would get to go on a date with Chad instead. She said she wanted to go to olive garden, bowling, skating and then to a movie. Chad told her she was expensive date haah. So I went on a search for a dress for her dance. I saw these dresses at Target but they were $100! I was like no way! I kept looking, but didn't really find anything. After Christmas the dresses at Target went on clearance for 70% off! So I ended up getting the pink dress for $23! Yay! I bought her some new lace panty hose, a headband and some earrings. Long dangly ones she had been begging for..her first pair! I wrapped it all up and got her some flowers and a note from Chad (I really wrote it, but she doesn't know that)! I also made her a wrist corsage and a boutonniere for chad! My first flower arranging experience. I'm not very good at it haha! It worked out though! So wrapped her gift, put it on the table and when she got home that day from school she found it on the table, and asked who it was for. I told her to read the card. In the card was the tickets to the dance and "Chad" asking her to the dance! 

I think she was the most excited about her earrings

We then fixed her hair and painted her nails. She wanted to wear makeup, but I said absolutely not haha. 

She loved her "lacy" panty hose!

Chad and Hallie exchanging boutonniere and Corsage

I told Chad to take tons of pictures at the dance, but he didn't haha. I also told them they better win first place in the dance contest ;)

She danced all night he said. 

Gigi's Cupcakes!!!

When they got home Hallie pretended to be crying because she didn't win the dance concert. Then Chad came around the corner with her Big ole 3rd place trophy for the dance contest!!!!! They were so so excited!

Hallie said it was the best night of her night! I'm so glad we made it so special for her! She keeps telling Chad that they need to practice for next year so they can win first place in the dance contest!