Monday, April 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

Oh, Christmas 2012. What a horrible week. We got the flu. The horrible 7 day flu that included fevers, chills, body aches, stomach aches, exhaustion. It was absolutely HORRIBLE! I got it on the Friday before Christmas. I went to the Doctor along with Owen who was sick as well. He ended up testing positive for Strep and Influenza. I didn't test positive for the flu. But I had it, I got it worse than anyone that week. The Doctor offered me some Tamiflu? But he said it would be $100 I said, no, having no idea that the flu lasted 7-10 days. I thought it was a 3 day thing. I hadn't been sick since I was 19. So I guess I just forgot. Anyways, I wish I could go back and get that medicine.  At one point I had a dream, that was incredibly real, I thought I was dying I won't go into detail, b/c I would sound crazy, but I realized later I was just severely dehydrated and in dire need of some food.  I didn't eat for 3 days straight. I know that's really bad, but I couldn't. Anyways, I'm sure that's what caused my hallucinations. I ate some  bananas and soup after that. The day before Christmas someone brought us soup and gave us all a priesthood blessings, at this point CHad was so sick as well. I prayed so hard that night that we would be able to get up to watch the kids open their presents. THere was no way I could get out of bed at that point, my body was so weak. The next day I was so grateful to the Lord, I was able to get out of bed, take pictures and actually enjoy Christmas morning. It was the best Christmas present. I'm crying just thinking about how God healed me that day. I was still really weak, but I so enjoyed watching the kids!! 

The first few pictures are of the kids are on Christmas Eve opening their PJs and we let them open one of their presents early. We had planned tons of fun stuff to do it Christmas Eve, but couldn't do them obviously, they were soo disappointed. 

Chad set all of it up.

Christmas Morning!


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